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25 Jan 2019
Window Cleaning Dublin

- Commercial Window Cleaning
Windows tell tales about a business. Their state gives customers an impression about how you run your operations. You want them to be confident in your brand, and maintaining a clean business environment contributes to your efforts. What's more, it gives your employees morale to enhance their productivity. They see the level of care with which you treat their working space, encouraging them to be more diligent in their tasks. Speaking of productivity, you don’t want to get your employees away from their duties by requiring them to work on the windows. First, this hampers your service delivery, and slows down your operations. Secondly, without the proper training, or equipment to carry out the task, their safety, and that of the property, will be at risk. You don’t want to add workplace injuries plus window damage to your liabilities. Your balance sheet will take a hit, and you also don’t want to lose crucial man-hours due to the time taken off by the employees as a result of the injuries sustained. Have the task done professionally by our window cleaning specialists, who will also put in place safety measures to protect your employees, clients, and the property itself throughout the process.

- Domestic Window Cleaning
We are a locally-owned and operated company, bringing you professional window cleaning services to restore the sparkle to your home. Our personnel use state-of-the-art equipment in order to get rid of the grime that has accumulated on the windows, ensuring that you get to enjoy those beautiful views outside your property without any dirt spots coming in the way. The processes used are safe for the biodiversity in your home, and you won't have to worry about your kids or pets being exposed to harmful agents. The windows themselves are safe, as our crew utilize measures that are safe for the particular type of window, from the glass panes to the frames and sills. After all, your goal is to get rid of the gunk that is making your window unsightly, not to worry about the glass getting etched or the frames corroded. Our crew will arrive at your residence in time, fully equipped to hit the ground running. 

- Reach & Wash Window Cleaning
This system enables our crew to clean your windows in a safe and effective manner. Ultra-pure water is pumped up telescopic poles, meaning our crew can reach even the high-rise windows from the safety of the ground. Ladders are not employed for the process, so you also won’t have to worry about your landscaping or stucco getting damaged. The pure water used has a high cleaning efficacy, due to its increased ability to absorb soiling. It literally pulls the dirt from the windows surface. The soft bristled brushes at the top of the poles enhance the thorough nature of the cleaning, scrubbing off those stubborn smudges that were clinging to the windows. With pure water, you get streak-free results, and your windows remain cleaner for longer. This approach also reduces operation costs, and we pass on these savings over to you, through our affordable pricing packages.

Window Cleaning Dublin


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